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Meet your new AI powered acquisition and retention copilot.

Boost profitability with Treat's real-time marketing predictions and optimizations.

Predict customer quality and invest in your most profitable channels.

Treat unifies your owned data and enriches it with actionable demographics. No need to write code or call an engineer.


Treat combines 3rd party demographics with your 1st party data to create an enriched customer file


Machine learning finds the combinations of attributes, products, and channels that make up your best customers by CLV


Invest in your best performing channels, campaigns, and keywords based on Treat’s predictive CLV:CAC analysis

Increase CLV

Get the most accurate CLV predictions powered by enrichment

Reduce CAC

Use CLV:CAC forecasts to find more of your best customers

Increase ROAS

Automatically pause campaigns bringing in low CLV customers

Everything you need to get the most ROI from your marketing dollars

  • Instant Customer Quality Prediction
  • Campaign Navigator
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Machine Learning forecasts how similar a new customer looks to your existing ones, giving Marketers an CLV prediction minutes after first-purchase

    Adam Lazarus @ Four Sigmatic

    Growth Engineer

    Ad systems are a black box, they're changing all the time. This gives us a source of truth with our own data

    Increase ROAS by acquiring more high-CLV customers and fewer low-CLV ones

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